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Karim El Seroui was born in Cairo / Egypt and shaped by Egyptian and Austrian cultural influences. He studied architecture at the Technical University Graz, graduating from the Technical University Vienna, and art under Giselbert Hoke. Karim El Seroui is a Vienna based sociopolitical painter and sculptor. Due to his architectural background he engulfs emotions and impressions of our times within a geometrical figuration. Each picture exposes a scene on stage supporting various individual interpretations. Immersion into a whole host of impressions leads to subjective patterns of thoughts.

He is Chairman of the art and cultural association LIFESPAN, for which he also curated the exhibition ‘Barrierefreiheit im Kopf’ in 2015. 

In 2017 he founded the Creative Cluster, an independent multi-disciplinary art incubator with currently 140 artists working on 3,600 m2 in a former school building in 1050 Vienna. Furthermore, the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna is cooperation partner and represented on site with 10 graduates in the context of a one-year studio program.




WOASNET - special project Vienna Art Week -curated by Marcello Farabegoli - Vienna, Austria


2017 - 2021

CURATED BY Karim El Seroui - Creative Cluster -art incubator since 2017

independent / self-financed / 140 artist / 3600m2


2018 VIENNA ART WEEK - special project Crea Traktorfabrik - group exhibition - Vienna, Austria

2018 PARALLEL VIENNA - Art Fair - Vienna, Austria

2018 GOTO World Tour - group exhibition, Klagenfurt, Austria

2018 Die andere Seite - group exhibition, Dark City K8, Klagenfurt, Austria

2018 CREA Traktorfabrik - group exhibition - Vienna, Austria

2018 SOHO IN OTTAKRING - group exhibition - Vienna, Austria


2017 IKEBANA International, art intervention, WUK Vienna, Austria

2017 MAF Metropolitain Art Fair, Vienna, Austria

2017 DECELERATION, art intervention, Musikverein, Vienna, Austria

2017 DISTRICTA #23 - group exhibition - Creau, Vienna, Austria

2017 VOYNICH III - group exhibition - Herentals, Belgium


2016 DARKROOM EXZERPT - solo exhibition - Ateliertheater - Vienna, Austria

2016 DARKROOM EXZERPT - solo exhibition - AA Collection - Vienna, Austria

2016 SOHO IN OTTAKRING - group exhibition - Vienna, Austria

2016 HOGALLERY gooes Loos Haus - group exhibition - Vienna, Austria

2016 DARKROOM DEMOKRATIE - Le Cornell - solo exhibition - Vienna, Austria


2015 BARRIEREFREIHEIT IM KOPF - group exhibition - Vienna, Austria

2015 VOYNICH II, group exhibition PODIUM 0950 Rotterdam - Netherlands


2014 VOYNICH I, group exhibition - Korenbeurs Schiedam, Rotterdam - Netherlands

2014 SHANGHAI ART CONTEMPORARY - Art Fair - Shanghai - China

2014 SWDZ - Solo Exhibition, Vienna - Austria

2014 LUMINA GALLERY, solo exhibition, Vienna - Austria

2014 Thanner Gallery, solo exhibition, Vienna - Austria

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